Staff Purchase Scheme

You may, like many of our clients, wish to make your redundant IT estate available to your staff to purchase once the equipment has been data cleansed, PAT tested etc. This is admirable as it shows a level of commitment to staff and ultimately ensures that your redundant IT has a visible ‘second life’ – it demonstrates commitment to the environment at the same time as providing economically-priced items for the benefit of your staff. If you directly donate or sell equipment to staff there is an element of risk and liability but using a third party like eReco can alleviate this burden.

eReco offers a staff purchase scheme tailored to your needs. In general terms we collect, process and data wipe equipment (where necessary) in the same secure way we would if you were disposing of it. We will then give you a complete asset register of suitable equipment so you know what we will be offering to your staff.  We will then set up a portal on our website with a secure and specific login dedicated to your staff which will click through to a shop page detailing the items they are able to purchase.

We will handle the complete transaction and will even offer warranty on the items we sell for you. There is no additional charge for this service.

Items commonly offered for staff purchase include laptops of course; desktops; TFT screens; display equipment (such as projectors etc); servers; printers; comms equipment; hubs, routers and switches; audio equipment; you name it in fact! Items are usually delivered by courier but for larger items we can allow personal collection from our secure site.

If this is of interest, please call Mark Holtom who heads up our sales team to discuss your needs further. His direct line is 01342 777555. We look forward to hearing from you.

Staff Purchase Scheme