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We have extensive experience in disposing of electrical items

Since its inception, eReco has collected and processed hundreds of thousands of items of WEEE. If a piece of equipment has a plug or a battery, you can be almost certain we have dealt with one before.

Indeed, eReco was one of the first AATFs (Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities) in the UK. You can be sure you are complying with WEEE legislation and will receive all the relevant documentation including booking-in reports and consignment notes.

We can also assist in registering your company as a hazardous waste producer, if necessary, so you can be assured you are legally compliant.

We work closely with retailers and distributors

Since 2007, the EA (Environment Agency) has overseen a system whereby used EEE is taken back, re-used, treated or recycled with the assistance of retailers and distributors. This has resulted in a reduction in the amount of untreated WEEE going to landfill.

eReco, with its strong commitment to the environment, has extensive experience in handling the equipment in the best possible way.

Although eReco was initially founded as an ITAD specialist, we are now skilled in the collection and treatment of WEEE. We understand when equipment is classed as waste and what controls apply; as a result, we are able to dispose of it in a compliant manner, while diverting as much of it from landfill as possible.



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