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Secure Storage and Re-Deployment

eReco-Storage and Re-deployment

We keep your items safe and ready to be re-deployed

Organisations with multiple locations and a need to move IT assets between them benefit hugely from eReco’s assistance.

We can collect and store a wide variety of items including laptops, mobile phones, monitors and printers at our secure premises for you – then re-deploy them as and when they become necessary elsewhere in your organisation.

Secure storage is also popular with businesses who are in the throes of a reshuffle of their premises or personnel. Every piece of equipment you ask us to look after will be tracked on a database which is shared with you and updated whenever one of the assets is moved.

You retain complete control of the items, allowing you the flexibility to move them between your premises whenever it becomes necessary.

We go the extra mile to deliver your equipment

When you decide it’s time to reclaim your stored items from us and relocate them within your business, we go the extra mile to ensure the process is as customer-friendly as possible.

Rather than simply deliver your equipment to your front door or the car park, by liaising with your IT services provider we’ll make sure it’s deployed and installed where it needs to be within your premises, fully integrated and ready to use.

That means when your staff next arrive for work they can get straight down to business rather than spend valuable time waiting for an in-house expert to visit their work station.

eReco’s well-established recycling capability also means that when we arrive to deliver your new equipment we can take any unwanted assets and packaging away with us.

eReco-Storage and Re-deployment

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Whatever your secure storage and re-deployment requirements are, eReco will be able to deliver a solution that ensures complete peace of mind.

Our expert team are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to guide you through the wide range of services we offer.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the personal and professional service you will receive from eReco.

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