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IT Recycling and Destruction


We help you to manage every step of your disposal project

eReco’s experience and knowledge enables us to provide a complete service for the disposal or disposition of your IT assets.

This includes secure collection, processing and recycling. Our environmental commitment means your redundant assets will always be recycled in the most secure, eco-friendly and cost-effective way.

However, we add extra value with services including comms room decommissioning, de-installation and installation, upgrades, secure storage and staff sales.

For clients with highly sensitive data, we offer an on-site overwrite/erasure service. So if, for instance, regulations dictate data must be erased before your IT assets leave the building, our team can complete this for you.

Our database ensures your process is fully audited

At the heart of eReco’s professional, auditable service is our asset processing database, which we developed in-house. Allied with our asset retirement process, it ensures that all your data is obliterated and unrecoverable by any commercial means.

Our disposal methods comply with the EU’s WEEE legislation, and we are constantly adapting and upgrading our waste management practices to ensure nothing is sent to landfill.

Your detailed asset list on our database will include:

  • Make

  • Model

  • Serial number

  • Asset tags

  • Status

  • Specification

  • Guaranteed auditable data destruction

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Certificate of Destruction or Recycling

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Whatever your IT recycling and destruction requirements are, eReco will be able to deliver a solution that ensures complete peace of mind.

Our expert team are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to guide you through the wide range of services we offer.

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