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We’ll work with you to keep you safe from online attacks

It seems that hardly a week goes by without news emerging of a major company suffering a serious breach of its database.

This is a situation with potentially ghastly commercial implications, with the business in question facing a desperate battle to retain the loyalty of its suddenly mistrustful customers.

Pro-actively protecting computer systems from theft of data is, therefore, a priority – and a partner like eReco, with its long experience in the data security sphere, is a valuable asset.

We can help you to be careful, compliant and secure by showing you what such attacks look like, where the weaknesses in your system might be – and how to fix them and stay resilient.

Our partners will maintain your security – and your customers’ faith

eReco has partnered with Cribb Cyber Security, which has excellent credentials and solutions for all cyber essentials, including the GCHQ-certified IASME Governance and qualified PCI DSS assessment.

Together, we can work with you to reduce your risk of attack and improve both your security and compliance with existing regulations.

Our services include extensive risk management assistance, in-depth scanning of your business’s potential vulnerabilities and powerful prevention systems that can be put in place and give you greater peace of mind.

We can even advise you on the steps to take to prevent damage to your reputation in the event that you have been notified a breach has taken place.


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Whatever your cyber security requirements are, eReco will be able to deliver a solution that ensures complete peace of mind.

Our expert team are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to guide you through the wide range of services we offer.

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