Secure Storage and Redeployment

This is a very popular service for organisations which have numerous sites around the UK and Europe because it takes all the hassle out of moving assets between sites.

Typically, this involves us collecting your assets from one site and securely transporting them to another of your premises. Quite often, large organisations make the decision to centralise which involves downsizing certain offices and creating a larger general HQ. This service allows you to move, store and redeploy if necessary, assets which are already within your infrastructure to aid centralisation without the need to purchase additional assets. Secure storage is very popular for companies who are moving their entire site and allows you to take a proportion of your assets with you and have the rest delivered to your site as and when you need them. All assets will be tracked onto our database and lists forwarded to you. Assets can be redeployed to you at your discretion – what you receive and when you take delivery of the assets is totally up to you, giving you the freedom to plan your asset arrangement without the need for storage space within your new premises.

Relocation and Office Moves

With countless moves and relocations under our belt our expertise in this field will be of huge benefit during what is a very stressful, deadline-driven time for your company. We will help you with both planning and physical movement from your current premises into the new. We will provide you with help and experience on matters that can be overlooked when vacating premises.

We often receive 11th hour calls from clients panicking about the approaching deadline for their move, followed by pleas for help as they explain they had not realised exactly what the task in hand was and how much work was needed! With our extensive knowledge we can help make this as painless as possible for you and deliver the service you require to get the job done. We will work out of hours, weekends, even over Christmas if it that’s what is needed.

Pat Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is a crucial activity an employer should carry out on electrical equipment and records of PAT testing should be kept. Doing this regularly gives the peace of mind that staff are using equipment that is SAFE to use. PAT testing should be carried out at various intervals depending on what the equipment type is and a full register of the results should be kept on file at all times and appliances assured for their safety by a qualified engineer. Contact us for details and/or advice.

Decommissioning and Commissioning Work

This is probably our most popular on-site service which allows us to take the hassle out of decommissioning your assets. We can send a team of engineers on site to disconnect all of your assets and have them made ready for whichever purpose you decide i.e. relocation, recycling, re-marketing, staff buy back etc. This service frees up your employees’ time to do the job they are best at, safe in the knowledge that it is being carried out by a team who are experts in this field. We also offer commissioning services which is essentially the opposite! Often, we do both.

In addition, if you purchase new equipment we can assist in the deployment and installation of it, removing the old, replacing with the new and removing all packaging etc. Which in theory leaves the desk ready for use?

Charitable Donation

The most rewarding service we provide! It enables us to donate the money collected from the sale of your assets to a charity of your choice (or to the ones we support which are The British Heart Foundation and Global’s Make Some Noise). This is a great way to benefit the charity first hand. Alternatively, you can donate the assets themselves to the charity once they have gone through the sanitisation process. Equipment is often a costly investment for them and most charities are run on outdated infrastructure; your donation could help them be more efficient in the use of their resources.

Decommissioning and Commissioning Work