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I’ve used my current supplier for some time and I’m happy with them. Why change?

Firstly, and this is now critical under the new EU General Data Protection Regulations: ARE THEY PROVIDING SECURE DATA SERVICES UNDER A CONTRACT?? IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THIS NOW HAPPENS.

Secondly, we’d ask is your current supplier regularly reviewing your service with you to make sure you’re happy. This is important because your needs might change, you may have a change of staff, legislation may change and we would keep you abreast of those changes etc.does your supplier keep you informed about new services, changes to legislation which might affect you or offer value added services such as whitepapers and information? If they don’t, are they really giving you a good, value for money service?.

Thirdly, we’d ask if they provide all the correct documentation ie waste transfer and consignment notes for hazardous waste. Do they charge for this service? We don’t. Do they give you detailed certificates of data destruction? We do.

I’d like reports sent to me on a timely basis. How do you handle this?

eReco operates to the ADISA standard. This means that all equipment collected must be handled in a secure fashion, all equipment received at our facility must be booked in to our asset tracking system within 48 hours and a report sent to you. Data wiping is done under secure conditions and with NCSC approved software from which data wiping certificates can be produced for you. All of our processes are fully auditable and we are happy to show you how we do it. Any IT asset disposal company who operates in secrecy and who is not willing to show you their process should be given a wide berth.

How long will I have to wait for a collection?

We can book you in for a next day collection if it’s really urgent. Usually our clients book collections in advance and we understand that some refresh or disposal projects suffer delays, so we are as flexible as we need to be to fit in with your timeframe. Projects which take place over a period of time are fully project managed with you, again, with flexibility.

But I do all my data erasure in-house!

We are all human and mistakes can occur if handling secure data isn’t your core business. Use a professional to avoid the pitfalls. What would happen if the phone rang or an urgent email needed answering and you missed just one pc or laptop? The data on it could bury a company under a landslide of prosecution and fines for data breach. It isn’t worth taking the risk. As the Information Commissioner’s Office details in its guidance, it’s better to consider contracting a specialist like eReco to do it for you. Take a look at our whitepaper on the new EUGDPR and the Information Commissioners Office guidance notes on disposal.

I know a guy who will collect my old equipment for nothing.

While this may seem attractive on the face of it, do you know where your equipment will end up? Will it end up in landfill or worse, fly tipped? Will it be data secure? Will your confidential information end up in the wrong hands? Don’t forget it will be you who is prosecuted for environmental waste regulations breach or data breach. Disposal of waste electrical equipment is heavily regulated by the Environment Agency and anyone carrying, treating or dealing in WEEE must be licensed by the EA. Treatment premises are also regulated and should comply with minimum standards. Using eReco’s services will keep you legally compliant and give you peace of mind.

Is there any value in my old equipment?

The simple answer is yes, probably, within reason. Technology is moving on fast and many good desktop systems, for example, are now worth very little on the second user market, but we are skilled at extracting the best possible value from your equipment. We can give you indicative values prior to collection if you wish. However, the most accurate return value can really only be given once we have assessed your equipment during our booking in process.

Are you receiving ‘cashback’ from your supplier? If not, why not? If you are, eReco may be able to increase the funds returned to you by as much as 70% – we are good at what we do and are committed to returning as much value to our clients as possible.

I usually give or sell my redundant equipment to my staff. Should I still do that?

We can see the attraction of doing this. However, have you properly considered your liabilities in so doing? Even if you give your old IT or electrical equipment to your staff, should there be an incident such as an electrical failure where something catches fire for example, the liability could be placed at your feet. Has the equipment been PAT tested? Has it been data ‘wiped’? Is there an official transfer of title document? Have you asked your employees to sign something accepting the liability for the equipment?

eReco offers a staff purchase scheme to alleviate all of these headaches. There is no charge for running this service for you. Similarly, if you would like to donate your equipment to staff, we offer a service which tests functionality and electrical safety of your equipment, ready for return to you.

I usually donate my old IT to charity. What’s wrong with that? Can I still do it?

Great idea! We deal with charities all the time. There’s nothing wrong with donating redundant IT to charity but you need to control the data erasure element to protect your intellectual property and your future. eReco offers a service which prepares equipment for donation including PAT testing and data erasure, removing your ID (smartwater and etching cannot be removed) and so on. Alternatively, we can sell the equipment on your behalf and donate the funds to your chosen charity.

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