ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

eReco provides a complete IT asset disposition or disposal service, helping you to manage the disposal project right through to secure collection, processing and recycling. We will recycle your redundant assets in the most secure and environment-friendly, compliant and cost effective way.

We also provide value added services alongside the main disposal service; this includes comms rooms decommissioning, deinstallation and installation, redeployment, upgrades, secure storage and quarantine, charity donations and staff sales.

KEY DIFFERENTIATOR: eReco offers an on-site data overwrite/erasure service. If your business is governed by regulations which dictate that data must be erased before IT assets leave the building, our skilled team can do that for you.

Our Asset Processing Database was developed in-house to offer a professional and auditable service. The Asset retirement process followed ensures that all client data is always obliterated and unrecoverable by any commercial means. All disposal methods comply with the European Unions’s WEEE legislation and we are leading the way in new waste management practices to ensure that no assets are sent to landfill.

eReco is committed to operating a 0% landfill policy.

Specialist ITC Asset Disposal