IT Equipment Recycling, Secure Data Destruction and Recycling

For a flexible, fast and efficient secure data destruction and IT Equipment recycling service, look no further because you need eReco.

eReco is a leading IT asset disposition company specialising in secure data disposal and IT equipment recycling. Whatever your IT issues are, our experts can provide you with a safe solution. We’re here to make your life easier. We’re your last line of defence when it comes to the security of your data at the point of disposal.

We pride ourselves on having a very definite culture. We are professional, hard-working and acutely aware of our clients’ needs. Not only are we dedicated to providing a superlative level of service, but we build valuable relationships with our clients.

Our job is to solve your problem and provide you with an effective solution when it comes to secure data destruction and IT equipment recycling, whilst also helping your company remain legally compliant.

As a highly skilled organisation with the proven ability and professional to perform, we can provide you with a complete service helping you to manage it from collection and processing to secure data recycling. Our work is carried out by trusted staff; we do not employ any outside resources for any of your information and therefore ensuring complete control over the security of your data.

Don’t take risks when disposing of your IT, take the ICO’s advice and use a professional. Use eReco – you’re in safe hands with us.

If you have any questions regarding safe IT equipment disposal or the general service, don’t hesitate to contact us on: 01342 777550 or send us an email: info@eReco.co.uk.