Data Erasure

Data security should be a prime concern within any business, not least because every employer should be mindful of its obligations under the Data Protection Act – no matter what sector you fall into. But in our experience it seems all too common that this is overlooked once assets have exhausted their lifecycle and the refresh of the new equipment has taken place. All you have to do is take a look at the Information Commisioners Office’s list of prosecutions and fines to figure that out and they don’t catch everyone at it.

Whilst assets are in use the data security aspect is taken very seriously but once they have been pulled from operation they are often forgotten about and treated as general waste. The assets still hold data up to the date they expire from the IT infrastructure and should be treated in the same way that the live assets are.

We provide secure collections where assets are transported to our data suite where they will be sanitised of all data using CESG approved software. Alternatively we can send our experienced engineers on-site to erase the data within the confines of your own premises.

KEY DIFFERENTIATOR: eReco offers an on-site data overwrite/erasure service. If your business is governed by regulations which dictate that data must be erased before IT assets leave the building, our skilled team can do that for you. NB Not every IT asset disposal company can do this.

All assets will be logged and CESG data erasure certificates provided for each individual hard drive the service has been requested for. Data erasure is a flexible service that eReco provide to our clients and “end-of-life” equipment is not its only purpose, it is very beneficial when migrating assets between multiple sites or departments to fulfil different purposes within your organisation.

Data needs to be taken more seriously and after many years of our thoughts falling on deaf ears this is starting to happen within the corporate world which has been largely helped by the ICO (information commissioner’s office) who can fine YOUR organisation up to £500,000 for an information breach relating to data privacy. eReco have many years’ experience which enables us to advise, support & process our clients’ needs to ensure they remain safe from any such data breach.

eReco assists its clients in remaining compliant with data protection legislation and adheres to the principles of ISO27001-2013 in relation to the protection of information security. This Standard is recognised universally and is a prerequisite for many of our clients including various government bodies, financial institutions & multinational organisations to contain their data security issues and deal with them in the effective way we do.

We are a Synergy Partner to Tabernus whose data wiping software we use. Information on the Tabernus software can be found on their website:

Data Erasure